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Brief Psychotherapy


Maria Mason, Hypnosis, Cork, online

Hi. I'm Maria Mason. Welcome to my site.

I have been counselling in focus oriented psychotherapy, hypnosis and nutrition for the past 10 years in the South of France. I work with individuals, groups, companies and schools in my practise or at a distance in English or in French. All age-groups and couples are welcome.

Don’t hesitate in contacting me if you want to take a meeting. 


What can you find here?

  • An experienced humanistic non-judgemental professional ready to listen actively to you and your needs and to help you lessen your burden and achieve your goals.
  • A warm respectful person to accompany you in your psychotherapy
  • You may choose precisely what you want to work on and learn to get to know yourself, your mind and your body through therapy and/or personalized explanations on how your body functions to become an actor of your own well-being and health.
  • You may confide your past/traumatisms to Maria and learn to get over them.
  • You may choose to stop smoking, improve your food behaviour, sexuality, lose weight, get over deep anxiety or fears, increase your stability, confidence and self-esteem.
  • Learn to improve your health, eat better with pleasure with the help of an experienced professional ready to really listen to you and to help you to feel and live better with the use of efficient therapeutic methods.

Maria Mason, your Well-Being Guide

I propose brief psychotherapy and/or micro-nutritional follow-up using as a basis the unconscious mind and our  natural power to regain balance.

Established for 10 years in a private practice, I welcome you in a warm atmosphere online or in my practice. The choice of the type of brief therapy method used depends on the problem and your desires (hypnosis, eye movements, various short therapy tools...).

Whether your desire is to feel better physically or psychologically, I accompany you in a humanistic relationship of trust to find your own natural solutions to get there.

You might want to lose weight, break with an addiction/compulsion, overcome trauma, grow older in a better way, feel better, regain emotional stability, increase your performance, say goodbye to your anxiety, have more self-confidence, do psychotherapy, have better health...

They were followed by Maria Mason

Avis Mu Conselling & Micro-Nutrition - Elina, 11 years old


By Elina, 11 years old

Published at 19 Abril 2019

I recommend Mrs.Mason because she listens to you and asks questions. She helps you to understand yourself. She helped me to get over my phobia and, even if I am still a bit afraid sometimes, I feel much better. At least, I don’t tremble like a leaf anymore. I couldn’t bear living like that, always full of fear and stress. Thank you so much.

Avis Mu Conselling & Micro-Nutrition - Sandrine

"Inner Stress"

By Sandrine

Published at 19 Abril 2019

« If my shoe is too tight what do I care if the world is vast. » Turkish proverb. Before meeting Maria Mason, I was imprisoned in tight, heavy shoes. Full or anguish, negative feelings, incapable to know who I was, calculating each situation days in advance, not daring to talk through my fear of others and especially of myself. Throughout the sessions, the laces opened, the leather softened. I now know who I really am, what I’m worth, what I want. I can now travel the vast world with new shiny red shoes! The woman that didn’t know that she could wear red shoes, until recently, thought that where there was a will there was a way. After an « accident of Life » I had to realise that I needed help. Life put Maria on my path. I adhere immediately as much to who she is to her various and numerous methods. She adapts herself to the humour and need of the day. On my request, the meetings continue but without resembling the past sessions. Each one brings me an immediate relief and tools and advice to get over my fears. I am really grateful to Maria!

Your Psychotherapy Practice
Cork, Online, in Chantemerle Lès Grignan

Access to the Practice

Mu Conselling & Micro-Nutrition

The practice is easily accessible from Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux, Pierrelatte, Donzère, Valréas, Bollène, Bourg-Saint-Andéol, Montélimar, Le Teil, Pont-Saint-Esprit, Nyons, Piolenc, Valréas, Vaison-la-Romaine...

Session Times

Monday & Thursday from 9h to 13h and 14h to 19h

Tuesday from 8h to 12h and 14h to 19h

Wednesday from 9h to 12h and 14h to 19h

Friday from 9h to 13h and 14h to 19h30 

Don’t hesitate on taking a meeting with Maria Mason.

Mu Conselling & Micro-Nutrition

Practical Information

All ages, from 3 up, and couples are welcome online or in practice. On request, I intervene in schools and companies.

  • Free 15 minute session by phone for any new person.

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