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A.M.P.R.® or M.A.R.P. Mental Imagery Cork, Online and in Chantemerle-lès-Grignan

Metaphoric Activation of Regenerative Processes

Dr. Carl Simonton, an internationally known American Cancerologist, stresses how important creative visualisation is important in his book « Getting Well Again ». He doesn’t promise healing but encourages to discover and optimise self-mental imagery so as to act positively in the direction of healing.

In 2014 Martine Tual and Dominique Espaze founded MARP in Paris.

Martine Tual, a Masseuse-Physiotherapist and Podiatrist worked for 30 years in a Medical Educating Clinic specialised in the re-education and rehabilitation of people with strong body damage where she progressively integrated gentle methods of articular reharmonisation, reflex massages and Shiatu. Her belief is that physical recuperation cannot take place in good conditions if there is not real team work from person to person and that our psyche is the acting precursor to healing. In this state of mind she starts learning NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Hypnosis that she integrates in her physiotherapy sessions of therapeutic education and rehabilitation and adapts to each person with the objective to make them « discover » and « mobilise » their resources and progression possibilities. In her clinical practice, one of the foundings of MARP was born.

Dominique Espaze is a Teacher and Supervisor of Hypnotherapists and NLP Practitioners and a Coach for Counsellors in different domains (Psychologists, Sophrologists, Speech Therapists…) as well as Artists. 18 years ago she created Dewa Consultant in Singapore and then came back to Europe. She creates Presence & Perspectives to diffuse self-knowledge and personal development tools. Hypnotherapist for numerous years, she specialised in Inside Leadership and Creativity. The investigative method of mental representations that she developed constituted one of the foundings of MARP that she uses as much for the body as the mind. Besides the clients that she accompanies parallel to their medical treatment and prepares, eventually, for surgery, she possesses a direct experience on herself of what MARP can do.

Practising MARP is the decision to do a deep work on one’s internal representations (first with one’s therapist and then at home) so as to guide oneself towards the best psychological and physical performances. This method can be used as much for a physical performance (sport, endurance, stop smoking…) as for psychic health (mental representations of one’s psyche) as to advance the most positively possible when health problems appear. In this case, the consultant must be followed closely by medical car parallel to therapeutic work and creative visualisations.

A MARP Therapist does not have the power to heal anyone. He/she is a guide towards your own solutions in moments of life where you have the intuition that you could stimulate yourself better towards your objectives.


Personally, throughout my experiences in counselling, I work more and more with Mental Imagery as I have learned how powerful it can be for self-stability and even to repair a broken past at a very deep level. Mental Imagery may be used to rehabilitate our Injured Ego States and guide Malicious Ego States. It can also be used to explore the psyche and know what it needs to go on. Children and adults can evolve harmoniously repairing their inside world.

Practical examples of the use of MARP and Mental Imagery:

  • Mr.X had benefited from highly advanced medical techniques to recuperate the potential of his body after a motorbike accident except that the wounds in his leg didn’t start to heal even though, medically speaking, the potential was all in place. Martine was following him in the hospital. She guided him towards his inner imagery. To his big surprise he discovered that his leg had disappeared from his mental imagery. In reality the choc of the accident made him think that he had lost his leg as his motorbike had fallen on it. With the help of Martine he found his leg and his wounds started to heal.
  • Mr.Y had pains in his left arm following an operation of his spine. He undertook works in his spine to gently take of some adherences and reduce the pain in his arm.
  • A young child was able to stop his nose bleeds with the help of his knights.
  • Mrs.B looked after her inner child and found the harmony and stability that she needed to calm her compulsive behaviour.
  • Mr.C discovered a healthy and joyful sexuality thanks to a psychotherapy coupled with the collaboration of his mental imagery.

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