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How Nutrition can Help You to Achieve Balance ?

We now know, thanks to numerous scientific studies, that there is an influence between our eating habits and our physical and mental health. We are even influenced genetically by our parent’s and ancestor’s psychological, physical states and food choices as well as by our own ones. This phenomenon is called epigenetics. So we can learn to influence our own genome by our personal choices. For example, we can be born with the notion that we may lack in food because our parents lacked in food. This influence will have a greater or lesser impact on a fragilised terrain. Thus, the worse we feel, the more beneficial behaviour towards ourselves and beneficial psychological changes will have an impact and vice versa.

We are not equal in the face of these influences. We are influenced by our genetics, our environment and also by the way we believe in what we do.

Nutrition, a science based on real and concrete facts, makes it possible to return to a physical balance that will affect mental health. I call psycho-nutrition, le fact of approaching physical and mental health by taking into account our total mental and physical state.


And if it was to Retrieve your Healthy Weight...

Did you know that many tips based on nutritional studies can help you to regain a healthy weight in pleasure? Without putting in place frustrating restrictions, it is possible to move to the desired weight (except in the case of illness) by choosing to understand and apply how you can burn more calories in an easier way.

I propose individual sessions in Chantemerle Lès Grignan or online.

Through nutritional learning and your own choices, you decide what changes you want to make to regain your figure.

There may be an unconscious search for weight gain (compulsions, stress, deep beliefs...) and this can be worked on. At the same time, I can work with you to develop new resources that will contribute to an acceptable health weight on all levels of your psyche.

Being attentive to oneself, choosing the foods that suit us best to feel better, discovering how our metabolism is going and optimising it through micro-nutrition is what a Deep Micro-Nutritional Assessment allows you. This will give you a precise guideline, without frustration to regain your weight in shape.

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