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Step by Step


It is possible, through a keen observation of the human being, to know what needs to change to achieve one's objectives. Milton Erickson, psychiatrist and founder of Ericksonian Hypnosis, a great observer of the human being, marvelled at the hidden gifts of his patients, and thus guided them towards a totally natural and personal achievement.


He often talked about one's first steps and the power that each person had to overcome their fears to achieve their goal, to learn to be more competent and safe despite the risks involved. Undeniably, apart from having a disability that prevents us from walking, we all took the first step. We all had the courage to put one foot on the ground for the first time to carry our entire body on one leg before giving the same task to the other leg. Everyone has, in their being, a source of accomplishment and that is what Milton Erickson went looking for so that each one of us may find our own way to take "the first step".

Milton Erickson, although he has passed away, is still admired today for his ability to bring forth the lucky star of his patients. He has inspired many therapists who have begun to believe in their consultants more than ever. By marvelling at the wonderful nature of each and every one of us, he knew how to be the source of inspiration that lights the embers of all, and so Ericksonian hypnosis was born... discovering the natural faculties of all to advance, step by step, towards their hoped for life.


Just like children learning to walk, mastering walking will require a number of skills in order to become solid and safe. Every child who got up and walked had grown-ups around him/her to believe in him, to light the embers of his balance, courage and strength to overcome his fears and move forward.


And now that Milton has left us, we - his disciples - continue to walk in his footsteps to accompany others day after day, step by step in the same spirit... finding the magic that resides deep inside each one of us, cultivating, accompanying and awakening our beautiful fine and intelligent natures.

Practically speaking...

Thus an Ericksonian psychotherapy, a decision to quit smoking, to change, to learn to be at peace, in harmony, develop inner happiness... does not depend only on the therapist. It depends on you, on what you have inside you and on what you are willing to believe about yourself, your values and the energy that you are willing to invest into change. Even Milton Erickson could not make a person advance who had chosen to abandon himself.


Similarly, the number of sessions will depend on the number of steps that you will have to take and the effort that you are willing to put into accomplishing your goals. Your wish may lead you to 3, 10, 20 sessions, even 2 years of therapy, depending on the goals you are looking for and the time it will take you to accomplish them.

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