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Stop Smoking by Hypnosis

Stop smoking....

Is it simple or complicated??????

Many people tell themselves that quitting smoking is not easy and give you many good reasons to believe in it... they have tried to quit, they have experienced a huge inner struggle and have succeeded, or not... and for those who have succeeded...when they find themselves in certain situations, secretly dream of being there, with a cigarette in their hand while.... yes, let's say it... smoking again. Why not dare to admit it, because their entourage suffered so much from their bad mood when they stopped smoking that they don't want to go through it again!!!!


How do they stop smoking? For many, thanks to will in any case. Have they ever wondered where this great inner strength comes from that pushes them to do the opposite of their will? Yet, it's obvious, it's in them, it's there... deep down. It's strong, it's illogical, it's tenacious and it doesn't necessarily go in the direction of our values or our desires, does it? Come on, I'll give you a hint... it's a part of us that we don't know so well but with whom we live every day... yes, it's the unconscious mind. I tend to think that if we have to live every day with the same person and want to live happily, we have to make sure that the inner harmony of the home is as good as possible and that there is a need for a minimum of listening, interaction and connivance so that everyone is comfortable.


When you stop smoking by hypnosis, you stop smoking entirely... yes.... entirely... with all parts of yourself. Imagine if you could convince a person with a lot of strength and ability to accompany you on a trip through the Amazon jungle, you would feel much more comfortable, wouldn't you? Remember, that your inner strength that has pushed you to smoke until now can be used for something...... it can be used to free you from smoking...

It's Nirvana, isn't it????

It's a step-by-step process or all of a sudden one... actually, it all depends on you... on your willingness to quit smoking, your ability to accept change, to get richer while stopping smoking, because not only do you quit smoking but at the same time you enrich yourself with new skills, attitudes, beliefs, look after your core values and even if smoking has been your best companion until now, you know deep inside that you deserve more than smoking as a companion, don't you??? And even if you're afraid to give up that last cigarette, it's even reassuring, because it means you don't like the void and you're not going to jump into it, but you're going to build your new liberated future in the most comfortable way possible for yourself.

And maybe that's why when you stop smoking by hypnosis, you lose the desire to smoke. We totally stop, in the body sensations, thoughts, desires and we can concentrate totally on this new life free of cigarettes and even be very comfortable with a smoking environment. Great!... yes, you can keep good relationships with your entourage and be free to live as you prefer...

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