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Weight management and hypnosis

For the first time in France, a study is testing the contribution of hypnosis to weight loss. It is organised by L'Arche, research and educational academy in Ericksonian hypnosis, LaNutrition.fr and Editions Thierry Souccar. The study will be supervised by the nutritionist Arnaud Cocaul (Paris). Some of the volunteers will follow a weight-loss diet alone (designed by Dr. Cocaul), the other (about 100 people) will follow this diet, but will also receive support from hypnosis and EFT (emotional freedom technique).

Modern Hypnosis

Hypnosis teaches you how to act with yourself and on your behaviour. It is thus possible to learn to manage and channel one's desires, impulses and emotions. We also learn to avoid compensating for stress with food and to seek pleasure or comfort in sweets. It is from an apparent problem - like a food compulsion - that hypnosis acts on the behaviour that is at the origin of many problems.

Anyone who follows a diet only manages to restrict himself by an effort of will, which is a real struggle with oneself, thus generating frustration. Frustration creates obsession and reinforces desire... which prepares the ideal ground for a relapse! At the slightest pretext (additional stress, fatigue...) the will falters and the impulses come back even stronger.

It is therefore necessary to learn to manage stress in order to act on the origin of the problem. Frustration should not dominate the person: the desire to feel good and to take care of oneself should replace it. This is one of the conditions for change to become evident and enjoyable.

In the context of dietary change, for example, it is a question of making the unconscious mind understand the importance of pleasure: it is a pleasure to eat healthily! We must understand that we are not guilty of what is happening to us but locked in it. By decreasing guilt, doors are opened and action can be taken at a deeper level.

Tailor-made Work

In the case of compulsive eating management, the Hypnosis Practitioner creates a link and dialogue with the unconscious part of the person he or she is accompanying to help them generate a new way to manage stress. Thus the compulsion can disappear, the change becomes simple and accessible, and resistances disappear.

Of course, behaviours have a different origin depending on each individual. It is up to the Practitioner to find the factor(s) that triggered the negative behaviours and especially the solution(s) that will suit this or that person. The accompanied person regains his/her freedom of action and ability to simply manage their desires and reactions.

This upstream work will facilitate the implementation of a new relationship with food and oneself and will make it possible to make decisions with greater lightness and well-being.

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