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Code of Ethics Hypnologists

Signatory: Academy for Recognition and Knowledge in Ericksonian Hypnosis (A.R.C.H.E.)


Art 1. Respect for fundamental rights

The hypnologist carries out his/her mission with respect for human dignity and the personal, private and family life of the person.

Art 2. Morality, probity and humanity

The essential principles of the profession guide the behaviour of the hypnologist in all circumstances.

The hypnologist performs his/her duties with independence, probity and humanity.

Relationships of trust can only exist if there is no doubt about the hypnologist's personal honour, probity and integrity.

These traditional virtues are professional obligations.

It is prohibited to practice under a pseudonym. The person of the hypnologist must be perfectly identifiable, in particular

by means of his first and last name.

In his or her exercise, he or she also respects the principles of loyalty, confraternity, delicacy, moderation and courtesy.

He/She demonstrates competence, dedication, diligence and prudence towards his/her clients.

Art 3. Independence

The profession of hypnologist is a liberal and independent profession, whatever it's mode of practice. It cannot be alienated.

The multiplicity of duties incumbent upon the hypnologist imposes on him/her an absolute independence, free from any pressure, in particular from that resulting from their own interests or external influences.

Art 4. Professional secrecy

Professional secrecy, instituted in the interest of clients, is mandatory for all hypnologists.

Secrecy covers everything that has come to the knowledge of the hypnologist in the exercise of his/her profession, i. e. not only what is known to the hypnologist in the exercise of his/her profession, but also what is confided, seen, perceived, heard, understood or felt by the hypnologist.

Professional secrecy is general and unlimited in time, under the reserve of strict requirements for the hypnologist's own defense before any court of law.

The hypnologist is relieved of his/her professional obligation in the event of an eminent and compelling reason. When he is aware that a minor is exposed to a particularly serious risk or that he or she is subjected to any act of a sexual nature or a criminal offence, he or she

notifies the Prosecutor or other competent authority.

The hypnologist is not liable to any professional sanction if he provides, despite his obligation of secrecy, elements making it possible to avoid a

current or future danger of particular gravity.

The hypnologist shall ensure that professional secrecy is respected by the members of his or her secretariat and by any person who cooperates with him or her in his or her professional activity.

The secret can be shared in case of particularly serious difficulty that requirest the advice of his / her colleagues.

Art 5: Interest of the client

The hypnologist has the obligation to pursue the best interests of his or her client in relation to his or her own interests, conceptions or those of his or her clients.

The hypnologist's decisions as to the protocol to be adopted respect the objective defined with the client. If so, the hypnologist should

take into account the negative impact that a change could have on the customer's "environment" and inform the customer accordingly.

The hypnologist provides fair, clear and appropriate information on his/her competence and on the conduct of the session, taking into account the client's personality in his/her explanations and ensures that they are understood.The hypnologist does not use his or her position of trust for personal purposes, proselytism or abuse of the state of possible weakness of his or her client.

Art 6. Conscience clause

The hypnologist discharges him or herself from any mission that is contrary to the ethical principles of his/her profession or jeopardizes his/her independence.

If the relationship of trust between the hypnologist and the client is seriously altered he or she may decide to interrupt his or her assignment.

If the defined objective does not fall within the hypnologist's competence, the hypnologist withdraws and refers him/her to a professional in the adequate discipline  (general medicine, psychiatry, psychology...)

The hypnologist must listen, inform and advise all persons without discrimination with the same consciousness.

Art 7. Principle of non-discrimination

The origin, morals, family situation, disability or state of health, true or supposed belonging to an ethnic group, nation, country or region.

religion, or to a political current, cannot constitute a valid reason for invoking one's consciousness clause.

A hypnologist asked to give a consultation to a minor or a protected adult must obtain the informed consent of at least one

parent or legal representative.

Art 8. Fees

The hypnologist must inform his/her clients of the amount of his/her fees.

They must be determined with tact, equity and measure, particularly with regard to the client's financial situation.

A joint solidarity fund will make it possible, if necessary, to compensate the hypnologist who takes care of the poor.

Art 9. Competence and training

To practice, the hypnologist must hold, at a minimum, the diploma of practitioner issued or recognized as equivalent by one of the signatories of this code and must undertake to follow at least four supervisions in the year unless they have their experience, competence and knowledge validated by his or her peers.

Throughout his or her practice, he or she must meet the requirements of morality and respect the ethical principles of the profession.

The hypnologist must maintain and perfect his professional knowledge and skills taking into account technical, scientific and ethical evolutions.

of the profession. He/she must participate in extra training activities and may participate in the evaluation of professional practices.

Art 10. Advertising

Advertising is permitted to the hypnologist if it provides fair information to the public and if it's implementation is faithful to the essentiel principles of the profession.

Advertising shall include the dissemination of information on the nature of the services offered, provided that it is exclusive of any

form of canvassing.

Prohibition of any misleading advertising or advertising containing inaccurate or misleading information, hyperbolic statements or

comparative or likely to create the appearance of an unrecognized professional qualification.

The hypnologist may use all legal means to ensure his/her personal publicity, provided that they respect the provisions of this article.

Art 11. Confraternity and reputation of the profession

The brotherhood of hypnotherapists requires relationships of trust and respect between hypnologists, in the interest of the client and the reputation of the profession.

The hypnologist recognizes as a colleague any person competent in the practice of hypnosis and respectful of the ethical principles and maintains a fraternal, dignified and loyal attitude towards him/her.

Hypnologists must assist each other in adversity or difficulty.

In the event of a dispute with a colleague, the hypnologist must seek conciliation, if necessary through the ethics council.

Every hypnologist must constantly be careful not to discredit the profession or his/her colleagues by unworthy behaviour, even

outside the scope of his professional practice.

Art 12. Competition, customers and insurance

A hypnologist in private practice must not divert to his own benefit the clients of a colleague or those entrusted to him on a temporary basis.

Any practice constituting unfair competition is prohibited. Lower fees, in order to attract a clientele must be submitted to the Ethics Committee for it's assessment, which issues a binding opinion taking into account the region and the competition in the market.

The hypnologist must insure his professional liability to a reasonable extent in regards to the nature and importance of the risks incurred.

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