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Code of Ethics SNH

Secret, consciousness clause, cooperation and solidarity, as well as the conditions for practising as a hypnotherapist, you will find all these elements in the code of ethics below. Essential to determine the axes of our profession, and make it something respectable and honourable. For all our colleagues and customers we must be clear and responsible.

This code summarizes the commitment that each hypnotherapist makes to the whole of the profession.


Code of Ethics of the French Hypnotherapist Syndicate (SNH)


Beyond their training, all hypnotherapists must undertake to sign the code of ethics and the ethical charter of the Syndicat National des Hypnothérapeutes, thus marking a commitment to the profession.

Article 1: Conditions of professional practice - Legislation

Anyone who embarks on the path of hypnotherapy, after their initial training, accepts:

 To exercise his technique in order to achieve an ever-improving level of control.

 To submit to the judgment of his/her peers regarding his/her practice, and to take into account the remarks and advice given to him/her.

 To follow the recommendations of good practice issued by the union.

 To strengthen his/her knowledge by broadening his/her field of competence and to always seek to extend it to other areas of human relations.

 To share their professional experience in order to enrich the community's knowledge

Our practice is to serve our clients, who express the need to find a source of answers in themselves, but sometimes feel the need to be accompanied by a professional in supportive therapeutic hypnosis.

Any hypnotherapist who signs this code must bring it to the attention of his/her clients without reservation or restraint, with the desire to share the values that motivate him/her and undertakes to respect this ethical framework, for the benefit of his/her consultants and against him/her by all authorities or institutions that may wish to do so.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as a contemporary reference of human behaviour, constitutes the indisputable foundation of this code.

The profession of hypnotherapist, by means of hypnotherapy, is a liberal and independent profession, the hypnotherapist can exercise his/her activity:

Either as a profession in it's own right.

Or as a complementary method that can be integrated into the profession or speciality of doctor, midwife, nurse, physiotherapist, paramedical, etc....

Or in addition to another professional activity.

He or she has specific training in therapeutic hypnosis.

He or she ensures that the dynamics necessary for the accomplishment of his or her art are kept active and alive, through all the means of working on himself or herself, supervision, training, openness to others and to the world corresponding to the needs of his or her personal itinerary.

He/She provides individual or group sessions for private clients or within companies and institutions.

He/she uses and adapts therapeutic hypnosis for a specific application within the sole scope of his/her competence.

For the legal exercise of his/her activity, it is his/her responsibility to make all necessary declarations to public bodies, in compliance with the laws and regulations in force.

Article 2: Conscience Clause

The hypnotherapist discharges him or herself from any mission that is contrary to the ethical principles of his or her profession or jeopardizes his or her independence and may reject any request that is prejudicial to anyone, including the client, or contrary to his or her moral principles.

Origin, sex, morals, family status, disability or state of health if within the scope of his/her competence, true or supposed belonging to a particular ethnic group, nation, religion or political or intellectual movement cannot constitute a valid reason for opposing his/her conscience clause.

Article 3: Remuneration - Fees

The hypnotherapist must inform the client of the amount of his or her fees, which are set with measure and equity. He or she undertakes to communicate his or her rates unambiguously by all the usual means (e-mail, telephone call, website, advertising media, etc.).

Article 4: Advertising

The hypnotherapist is free and responsible for establishing his or her advertising and information, taking into account the legislation in force. Any false advertising is strictly prohibited and reprehensible (unrealistic promises, usurpation of skills, etc...), and he or she must ban any term reserved for medical practice, as well as any posture, attitude, clothing or acronym suggesting any membership of the medical world if he or she does not hold the official title.

Article 5: Brand Image

The hypnotherapist undertakes, through his or her practice, actions, comments and behaviour in general, to promote a respectful and rewarding image of his or her profession in force.

Article 6: Cooperation - Solidarity

The hypnotherapist is solidary with his or her colleagues. He or she cooperates with those who request it and facilitates, within the limits of his or her resources, their integration into the profession.

The hypnotherapist collaborates with other professionals in the accompaniment of the person or in human health.


Article 7: Arbitration

When the arbitration of the Syndicat National des Hypnothérapeutes is requested, the hypnotherapist undertakes to respect it.

Article 8: Further Education

By taking into account the evolution of the profession, the hypnotherapist undertakes to maintain and improve his professional knowledge and skills.

Article 9: Breach of Ethics

All members of the National Union of Hypnotherapists are required to respect the code of ethics.

In the event of an infringement, the Disciplinary Committee of the National Union of Hypnotherapists may impose sanctions against the offender, ranging from a simple warning to exclusion.

In the event of a serious or repeated breach, the Syndicat National des Hypnothérapeutes may bring a civil action against a hypnotherapist.


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