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How many sessions does it take to achieve my goal?

The methods I use work straight towards your goal. Now, you are the one who has to move forward, which means that it will also depend on the speed at which you are able to move forward and your motivation and therefore your commitment. To give you an idea, many people deal with an eating disorder, or a cigarette addiction in 3 sessions. Others less and others more. As far as psychotherapy is concerned, it requires continuous work and in 1 to 2 years you can achieve beautiful changes.

When we say brief psychotherapy, does that mean we only do a few sessions?

No. It means that we pre-define your objectives and work objective by objective towards your goals. This can last 1 to 2 years but if you only work on one goal you will just need a few sessions.

What is psycho-nutrition?

It means taking into consideration your psychology as well as your metabolism and accompanying you to evolve in these 2 fields in parallel in a natural way. An example: I can have symptoms when I am stressed that can be reduced if I take care of my metabolism and learn to manage stress in parallel.

Will I lose control under hypnosis?

No. You can come back whenever you want. What leads to a state of trance is an inner willingness to do so. Your unconscious mind is your protector anyway. It won't let something happen to you that you are not capable of living. In any case, we only work on what you want, unlike show hypnosis. You are the client and you decide what should or should not happen.

Can we really heal from trauma?

Yes. We've made a lot of progress in psychotherapy now. No need to keep big injuries like our parents or grandparents.

We can even heal our grand-parents traumatisms in us!

The most important thing is to feel comfortable with your therapist and to be committed and involved in the change.

Can we lose the desire for an addiction by hypnosis or must we always fight against ourselves?

Yes, you can lose the desire for an addiction without frustration. In the case of quitting smoking, you may lose the desire to smoke because we work with the part of you that has become addicted and is part of the unconscious mind. Hypnosis opens the door to re-education and learning how to be satisfied with healthy resources. Some addictions result from trauma or substance abuse that impair our abilities and must be managed by specific work, sometimes by medical care. It is the addictologist who specialises in addictions.

I have fibromyalgia. Can you heal me?

I would never promise to heal anyone. That is the role of the Doctor. In my case, I could accompany you to teach you how to change your psychological relationship to fibromyalgia, teach you what foods and food supplements stimulate a better state with nutritional advice to promote your metabolic state and teach you to do so yourself.

How do you work on weight loss?

With a smile. Positively. No frustration. No diet. It is a great opportunity to change psychologically and to achieve another balance where weight is no longer necessary. It is also an opportunity to change your relationship with food and to learn to enjoy nutrition as a specialty that explores and gives you wings to achieve a physical balance with more potential to lose weight in respect of Pleasure and Plenitude with your collaboration and involvement.

Can a child be followed by hypnosis?

As long as he/she is able to communicate with the therapist and is willing to do so for the purpose in question, yes. Children are very close to their unconscious mind and use their mental imagery more than adults. It is a very beautiful resource for them. As a parent, we can also learn to influence our child in the best possible way for his or her well-being. Sometimes even a request for a child just needs to be worked on with the parents.

Can You do Hypnosis Online ?

Yes. I do so regularly. I send you instructions before the meeting so that it will be in the best conditions.

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