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H.S.A.M.T. or H.T.S.M.A. in Chantemerle Lès Grignan

Hypnosis, Strategic and Alternative Movement Therapy or HSAMT

(The Distress Therapy)

This method is just possible in practice.

When suffering is so strong and deep that we don’t manage to be in control of ourselves (amnesia, depression*, fears, obsessions, phobia, addictive disorders, attachment disorders (the feeling of being alone with no link, to have a burden to carry alone), psycho-somatic disorders*)… it is time to wonder whether a subconscious origin is behind this distress.

 « Yes, what you have gone through was a source of distress and you have suffered and now…with its impact on you, what are you going to do with yourself today through your relationship to yourself, to others and to the world? »

Luckily, today, we can get over psychological disorders and traumatism by adequate brief therapy accompaniment.

HSAMT emerged from the collaboration of a team of Doctors, Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists and Psychologists of the Arepta Association in Nantes, France. Ericksonian Hypnosis, Strategic Therapies and Alternative Movement Therapies (such as those employed in EMDR created by Francine Shapiro), systemics (study of inter-personal relationships) and attachment studies are usually used separately. Coupling these methods helps us to put in evidence blocked subconscious structures and to concentrate on the root of these disorders through the use of sensorial, emotional, behavioural and cognitive aspects in order to liberate and gain back naturel functioning through personal resources, skills and solutions whatever we have lived.

Carl Gustave Jung used to say that if there was deep distress, the body registered the event and acted separately from the mind, like a separation between the conscious and unconscious mind and that it was in the space between them that the symptom emerged.

When distress is present, numerous reactions can take place, going from confusion to amnesia, incapacity to manage, fears for the future, pains, anxiety…Distress manifests itself by an animal reaction (managed by the reptilian brain. We can become dumbstruck and cut ourselves from our body, fight and develop obsessions or flee and develop phobia.

When a post-traumatic state is installed, subconscious symptoms appear and may turn around and around like distressing visions, mental ruminations, fearful body symptoms (cold sweat, paralysis…), emotional disorders and/or the fear that it will happen again, hyper-vigilance…

HSAMT helps to bring together different parts of one to advance towards a chosen life rather than being obliged to continue suffering.

A HSAMT session starts in a climate of trust and security. It can be lived in the body, the mind in a logical or illogical way. All information is used, whether the source comes from the consultant or the therapist. Together, therapist and consultant co-create a new feeling of security and serenity. The therapist is in a « not knowing » and supportive posture. The consultant is totally engaged in a therapeutic evolution. It is a psycho-corporal experience that can be reintegrated into the real world to liberate oneself from a certain conditioning of the mind, traumatism and fears and to reconnect oneself to the world in complete security with stable links.

Through a dysfunctional part of the unconscious mind, we leave a sane and restructuring part of oneself emerge. The alternative movements create a hypnotic and active trance. The conscious mind stays vigilant while the unconscious mind leaves memories or subconscious representations emerge.

The sane part of oneself can come back to life.

The solution is found in the problem and new relationships to others and the world open up.

*Treatment of these symptoms in collaboration with medical carers.

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