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Maria Mason accompanies you for a Session of Micro-Nutrition

Micro-Nutrition Cork, online or in Chantemerle-lès-Grignan

Micro-nutrition or Fundamental Nutrition was born through scientific research showing the influence of our life-style and our food choices on our health.

It is practiced in prevention, parallel to medical care and may even help to reduce secondary effects or the efficiency of certain medical treatments by adequate food and life-style moves corresponding to your state of health and/or food supplements if necessary.

We live in a world that is evolving intensely but our genome changes at a very slow pace (0, 2 % of change in the last 50 000 years). In parallel functional disorders are more and more frequent. Our bodies do not always manage to adapt to all these changes.

Micro-nutrition can help everyone to make better choices for their health and inner beauty in their natural surroundings.

Lots of us have «  a thing » that doesn’t satisfy us but, as it isn’t an illness, we live with it. Some people have more « things » than others. It could be our humour or concentration, our physical body, the way we are getting older, what is lacking in us, what is too much for us, an unsatisfactory health state, functional disorders…

Micro-nutrition focuses on each individual in a unique way. We all have unique baggages when born thanks to our genetics. We have 23 pairs of chromosomes. This is our potential. From this potential we exploit half of it. The exploitation of our genome, so of our potential, depends on internal (my emotional and physical state) and external factors (my life-style, my environment). So we have a multitude of chances to be different depending on our genetic potential and the genes that are expressed in everyday life. The origin of the « thing » that bothers us can be in our genome, our metabolism, our psychology…

Fundamental nutrition focuses on that frontier.


 « How, with my baggages, can I optimise my health, avoid functional disorders, be naturally who I am and promote my daily health? ».


The influence that we can have on our genomic expression (to synthetise diverse proteins for example) is called epigenetics and it is a wonderful way to influence ourselves positively.

In reality, a deficiency or excess of one nutrient can provoke an over or under-stimulation of the synthesis of certain proteins and, either not be perceived, or have a harmful effect on our health.

We are all dependant on our needs and the supplies that we find around us, whether they are physical or affective. Our bodies express shortages and needs but, sometimes, to the detriment of our global health. A smoker will need more anti-oxidants. The body will reply to this need by bringing the available anti-oxidants to the lungs to « quench the fire » and protect ourselves from the free radicals (sparks issued from all metabolic reactions) and we know that a food supply rich in anti-oxidants may help to prevent the appearance of cancer.

Micro-nutrition invites us to take care of our intestines so that we may profit from a favourable inner protected physiology. Suffering intestines are like a front door full of holes. If you don’t clean up regularly your house is invaded by dirt.

A stressful state, intensive sport…can increase our needs in numerous nutrients and affect certain organs more than others and be the source of functional disorders.

A deficient or excessive food intake can provoke chronic metabolic dysfunctions, for example inflammation and weight gain.

Inadapted food choices may create extra stress for the body that must manage to liberate itself of the excess, the toxins and protect itself.

Micro-Nutrition, for who?

Micro-nutrition may find solutions for those that:

  • Suffer from the Metabolic Syndrome (tension, high blood pressure, weight gain, high insulin, cholesterol levels) and Obesity or Diabetes.
  • Have tried to lose weight but it’s as if their body doesn’t manage to.
  • Have an emotional state that pushes them to have compulsive food behaviour, addictions
  • Feel particularly anxious and in bad form.
  • Want to optimise their cardiovascular health.
  • Consider that they are too often ill and want to find natural preventive solutions to be in good form.
  • Feel as though they are in bad general health but are not ill.
  • Feel particularly tired.
  • Suffer from auto-immune diseases (not to treat the illness but to optimise the state).
  • Suffer from inflammations.
  • Have depressive, sad, confused mental states too often and lack in concentration.
  • Have dizzy states regularly (even though it is not coming from an illness).
  • What to grow old in the best and most natural way possible.
  • Have food intolerances.
  • Have headaches regularly even though they are regularly followed by a specialist.
  • Have sleeping disorders
  • Have colopathies, heavy digestive states, unexplained digestive discomfort even though they are followed by medical care.
  • Suffer from infertility even though there is no reason to be infertile or have the project to become parents.
  • Want to optimise their performances (sport, memory…)
  • Want to improve their children’s health.

How does a session go?

In our first meeting, we start to collaborate in a precise and personalized way. A maximum of parameters that influence health are reviewed. The first meeting can last 1 hour and 15 minutes. In addition, you will have a job to prepare before you arrive. The following meetings will last a maximum of one hour. Possibility to meet in Chantemerle Lès Grignan or to work by Skype.

For the follow-up we must see each other at least twice but depending on the case we may choose to see each other every 3 or 4 months at the beginning. An annual follow-up can then be set up if desired.

It is a participative work where we establish together goals in order to improve your basic state. The changes obtained are recorded together and monitored in detail. We could also sometimes converse by email outside the sessions without additional cost.

When we decide to have a micro-nutritional follow-up we are ready to invest in our health and fitness. Evolution requires time for observation and exchanges.

Under no circumstances does this work replace medical follow-up in the event of illness nor is it a miracle cure, but rather a deep collaborative work so that you can take charge of your health. Sometimes it may even reveal the need to advance psychologically towards your goal to optimise the results.

Feel free to call me to discuss it further and find out if you are ready to take the plunge for yourself.

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