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Hypnotic N.L.P.
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Hypnotic N.L.P.

Neuro-linguistic Programmation is a model created by Richard Bandler & John Grinder, considered as a logical addition to hypnosis. NLP consists in a fine analysis of language and individual structures. Its main base is modelisation that consists in discovering how a competent individual exploits his /her capacities to manage a situation.

Bandler and Grinder founded their method on communication by studying the greatest “communicators” that they could find such as Fritz Perl (Founder of Gestalt Therapy), Virginia Satir (well-known family therapist), and Milton Erickson (the hypnosis genius).

So NLP is a source of extremely precise and efficient models in the matter of communication, change, inner representations, conscious states etc.… It is thanks to Bandler & Grinder that we can now use and learn Ericksonian Hypnosis. In the preface of their first book, Erickson admits to have learned a great deal about how he, himself, did, without even knowing it!

From then on, NLP has created particular protocols to manage certain disorders and found the code to certain techniques used by Erickson. It has brought precision about how individuals function on a systemic level.*

Generally, Ericksonian Hypnosis and NLP are strongly inter-related, even if it is not always “officially” the case in NLP schools.

As I was trained by l’ARCHE, a hypnotic research academy, I practise Hypnotic NLP (or HNLP). Therefore NLP is practised with a tight relationship to Hypnosis.

*Systemic Therapy is the study of inter-personal interactions and is used a lot in family therapy and in business circles.

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