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This method was developed by psychologists and psychosociologists in Lyon in 1965.

It consists in animating groups of reflection around a theme. The facilitator asks a question and the participants choose one or two images from a set of 48 photos to give their points of view.

Specific instructions are given for this collaborative approach. Thus, in an atmosphere of security, listening and exchange, everyone, including the facilitator, participates to build a foundation for global reflection in order to broaden everyone's point of view.

The choice of photos can be both unconscious and conscious. The multitude of interactions while listening or sharing may reinforce an individual's perception of the subject or may shift their initial viewpoint.

In today's world there are numerous propositions and thus choices to make. Thiese exchanges are an occasion to learn to express oneself and listen while accepting and tolerating the choices of others.

The teenager was born into a diversity that his parents did not have to deal with so much.

It is a very nice tool for schools as becoming an adult today requires to have the ability to analyse oneself, to become aware of the influences of the environment on ourselves, to manage to make happy relevent choices in life.

In the world of work integration and job searching it is not always easy to feel confident. This method proposes a reassuring psychological integration into a group. It allows to increase the social link and become a source of new ideas even help to find one's place in social life.

In companies, this tool brings speech to life in a well-being, respectful atmosphere so that communication may open up before moving on to the step of concrete change together, even in the event of discord and social division.

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