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A Session with Maria Mason

A Typical Session

First we discuss your problems and desires. I explain what I can do for you and then you decide on the type of follow-up you prefer. Only, if you feel comfortable with my support, and decide to, will we go further in the process.

Consultations where you can simply explain what is bothering you, be listened to and heard, learn to overcome your fears, become an actor of your own happiness, well-being, health and performance naturally.

Discover and learn how to come into contact with your own unconscious mind in order to gain harmony and control in your life and to get to know yourself better through the practice of hypnosis and self-hypnosis, MARP, TAT, EFT in the session and at home.

Explore your nutritional health with the help of an expert, understand your body and its needs through simple explanations and learn to make the best choices to become proactive and promote your natural health.

Optimize your physical and mental health, learn to have real pleasure in freeing yourself from your addictions, losing weight, gaining energy and rest, achieving your goals, cooking or discovering new foods and new opportunities to live a full and happy life.

Overcome deep distress, trauma, anxiety and regain zénitude and inner calm through hypnosis, TAT or Eye Movements (just in practice).

Have the opportunity to contact Maria Mason if necessary between sessions at no extra cost.

If you have opted for a hypnosis session we will talk enough so that I can know exactly what you want before going any further in hypnosis.

If you have opted for micro-nutritional monitoring, you will have to do some work at home to collect the data about yourself before going any further.

The sessions can be very varied because, depending on the issue, we could work in a different way to adapt better to you and to the current issue.

There may be work to do at home or material to read between sessions.

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