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T.A.T.® Cork, Online, in Chantemerle-lès-Grignan

Tapas Acupressure Technique®


This method is a psycho-energetic therapy. It’s a simple efficacious tool that can quickly conduct to inner peace and a state of relaxation where we can have access to our conscious and unconscious resources. Negative emotions can be liberated either energetically or neurologically because T.A.T® allows an energetic and neurological liberation.

You don’t need to understand anything. You don’t need to talk. You don’t need to have emotions for this liberation and once you have learned to use it with your Therapist you can practise it at home.

It can be used to

  • Liberate oneself from negative emotions
  • Liberate oneself from negative beliefs
  • Get over traumatism

We press on acupuncture points while treating the problem, in its major issues, by a script made by Tapas Fleming.

Tapas Fleming developed this technique from her research and experience as an Acupuncturist and has worked in various psychological domains such as with traumatised soldiers.

It is a very gentle method that may be used for big disorders. If I chose to practice this method it is because I consider that people who do not want to touch the emotion of their traumatic experiences may be happy to liberate themselves from them in another way.

I invite you to look at this series of videos with practical cases that are surprising strong in results and very simply managed. You may note the change of attitude of the man who was afraid of success in the fourth video.


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