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They were followed by Maria Mason, hypnosis Cork, online, in Chantemerle-lès-Grignan

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By Elina, 11 years old

I recommend Mrs.Mason because she listens to you and asks questions. She helps you to understand yourself. She helped me to get over my phobia and, even if I am still a bit afraid sometimes, I feel much better. At least, I don’t tremble like a leaf anymore. I couldn’t bear living like that, always full of fear and stress. Thank you so much.

"Inner Stress"

By Sandrine

« If my shoe is too tight what do I care if the world is vast. » Turkish proverb. Before meeting Maria Mason, I was imprisoned in tight, heavy shoes. Full or anguish, negative feelings, incapable to know who I was, calculating each situation days in advance, not daring to talk through my fear of others and especially of myself. Throughout the sessions, the laces opened, the leather softened. I now know who I really am, what I’m worth, what I want. I can now travel the vast world with new shiny red shoes! The woman that didn’t know that she could wear red shoes, until recently, thought that where there was a will there was a way. After an « accident of Life » I had to realise that I needed help. Life put Maria on my path. I adhere immediately as much to who she is to her various and numerous methods. She adapts herself to the humour and need of the day. On my request, the meetings continue but without resembling the past sessions. Each one brings me an immediate relief and tools and advice to get over my fears. I am really grateful to Maria!

"Mal Etre"

By Vincent

I arrived at a moment in my life when I could no longer bear the apprehension of the void that prevented me from enjoying the pleasure of climbing... In two sessions this anticipatory fear disappeared. The fear of women moved me away from a satisfying relationship with a friend or partner... I felt guilty about not being the perfect child that I wanted to be with my deceased parents. To my great surprise, I had the joy of living my own birth. I realized that I was not born in a "cabbage" but rather from a sexual relationship between my parents for whom I feel all the LOVE I couldn't give them at the time. I am 70 years old and after a wonderful professional career as a GUIDE and SKI instructor; with the help of MARIA, life offers me new horizons in the tranquillity to which I glow at this moment. Thank you again...

"Mal Etre"

By Juliette

I had not been well for a while, depressed* with a poor self-image. I had regular conflicts with my husband and his verbal violence completely destroyed me. Not wishing for psychotherapy, I looked for a little light to get out of the tunnel and Mr. Google's clicks brought me to Saint Restitut... With few words, a lot of tact and a technique visibly well mastered, you knew how to allow me to find myself, to search deep inside me what was good. Thanks to various means (eye movements, hypnosis,...), I was able to reconnect with myself, to centre myself a bit, I who felt so scattered. Concretely I was able to talk to my husband and put an end to these words that hurt me so much. I found a certain serenity and inner calm, all after about 4 to 6 sessions. Thank you.

"Mal Etre"

By Sylvie

I experienced depression* due to an accumulation of events (family and professional). I didn't know how to face it and get back on track. I was at the bottom of a chasm from which I couldn't get out. I was terrified of some people. I discovered the hypnosis sessions by a friend who had experienced them and for whom they worked. I thought, why not, after all. After a few sessions, I was able to see the good results. When I find myself in a stressful situation that would once have greatly destabilized me, I react better and feel more serene.

"Mal Etre"

By Beatrice

It's a chance to have pushed Maria's door open. Having had a very chaotic journey and consulted several psychotherapists and despite a better well-being, I had not yet found this inner peace. And so it was that at 48 years old, after 30 years of therapy with poses of course, I undertook to do the ultimate therapy. And how fortunate to have known Maria and her method of hypnosis. Thanks to the HSTAM technique, in about twenty sessions I was able to find this inner peace and finally free myself from my heavy past. I finally know what suits me, know how to make the right choices so that my lifeline remains serene, nothing can now disturb this balance sought during all these years. Thank you again Maria, I hope other people will find the way I found by pushing your door.

"Relationship Difficulties"

By ...

I met Maria on the advice of a person because I had relationship problems with one of my daughters. Maria knew how to listen to me but, above all, to bring me a solution, an answer which most shrinks don't do. She taught me how to change my behaviour and naturally my daughter changed hers. I hadn't realized before that I had a big part of the responsibility in our relationship concerns with my daughter. I have only one regret that I didn't know her earlier. I had a lot of fun going to her sessions and her therapy is short. Since, when I know someone who has a problem, I recommend Maria because I know and am convinced of the result.


By Aline

The first time I came here I was really depressed*. I was on edge, bitter. What I was saying sounded like meanness. The first sessions were successful. After a big session, I slept well, my pains disappeared and then a kind of rest of the mind took hold. Then I went back to the time of my twenties when I found a lot of cheerfulness. By deepening we have reached a nutritional well-being because the feeling of hunger repeatedly faded. So I had less weight on my shoulders. Then the mind more and more serene... more serene with my husband, in my household, a new symbiosis with my husband. It is growing today and I feel it's going to grow more. I feel like I'm moving forward in a happy way. Now, the goal is to allow my body and my mind to remain in this idea of joy and health. *A real depression must be followed in parallel with medical follow-up


By Barbara

Thank you for all the help you have given me over the months. Thanks to you I stopped consuming cannabis that had been destroying me for years. I dared to leave my boyfriend with whom life no longer made sense. I managed to go on holiday alone like an "adult". I feel like I'm reliving even though it was as if I was falling into a hole. My Self rose up when I had no more hope. You have given me tremendous help, and I hope it will continue..... Thank you for everything, you are exceptional.

"Food Behaviour"

By Colette

I went to see Maria, having already started a diet with a nutritionist, for a very complicated relationship with food. After many diets where I lost weight and everything started again of course even more........ I wanted to heal my mind, because nothing in my life justified these food compulsions! I searched and I found Maria Mason, I immediately appreciated her, at each session, she was positive about my reactions, she looked for the right way and then finally I managed to lose my 23 kg but especially not put them back up again. Usually after my other diets I put on weight again one month after stopping the diet! And this was a descent into hell!!!!! Maria Mason is very sweet, very attentive, I could not describe my current well-being.... happy from the inside. It was not easy to get through the 1st appointment, because I was holding back, because my mis-knowledge of hypnosis was worrying me, we hear so much.... but I quickly realized that she was a trustworthy person and not there to rip you off. Thank you a thousand times Thank you!! For bringing me to this result. May 2016.


By Food Behaviour

Thank you for listening to me

"Food Behaviour"

By Aline

I had been suffering from bulimia for many years for various reasons. This caused me liver and intestinal problems and therefore discomfort. I consulted Maria in order to regulate my diet and restore my daily well-being. At first, we worked on the release of certain stresses, focusing on past and happy events in my life, accompanied by the technique of "alternative eye movements". Then, she advised me to take some quality and very effective food supplements to regenerate the liver and intestines. Finally, she presented me with a whole nutritional approach in order to clean up my daily diet, regain my vital strength, and the joy of living, without mentioning any diet. These few sessions were relaxing and enjoyable.

"Food Behaviour"

By Georgette

I had impulsive and irresistible cravings for sugar in the evening, a few hours after the meal, without being able to control myself. I was told that I suffered from food compulsion and that I was addicted to sugar. After trying several unsuccessful treatments, I turned to Maria. After 3 sessions, one of which is devoted to Ericksonian hypnosis, I am no longer addicted to sugar, my evenings are peaceful, I sleep much better and I have already lost a few kilos without a diet but by a better diet and a better distribution of food at meals, and I specify without medication. I thank Maria for her kindness, her listening and her skills.

"Food Behaviour"

By Valerie

Since our session, with regard to eating habits, what I feel is that I no longer have these impulsive and irresistible cravings for hunger and food, that I am more quickly satisfied and have no fixed ideas about food and therefore am more at peace with myself. I feel like I'm not addicted to food anymore...and spend time on a lot of other much more interesting things. Thank you for your help. It feels good to be free.

"Burn Out"

By Elisabeth

As surprising as it may seem, it was my general practitioner who suggested that I consult Maria. Suffering from a severe burnout, my doctor no longer knew how to help me because I needed to relearn to sleep deeply and above all to be serene in order to manage stress and daily life better. I knew Ericksonian Hypnosis because I had practiced it almost 10 years before. The important thing is to be confident with your therapist. In this particular case, trust was immediately established in our exchanges and listening above all. I found a calm and efficient therapist, with real skills in Hypnosis but also in energy solutions and nutritional balance. Since then, I have recommended Maria when friends and acquaintances talk to me about their troubles. How fortunate to have a therapist of this value in our remote countryside!


By Valerie

I live in a small village where people see each other at the market, at school, in the shops and we will say that word of mouth works well. Event in the village; a person opens a place where they can share their knowledge, experience and guide us to be in harmony with our mind and body, our desires that are there waiting to be applied. So I decide to go to the evening with a group of people, like me, waiting for a response from our unconscious minds and desires. Very sceptical, on my guard, yes the unknown for me, with questions in my head, anyway what am I risking, an additional experience. If I find myself there it is my will to go and have answers and to work to get to know myself better. What a great opportunity to finally seize. Reluctance disappears. Trust is here. More curious still, I participate in other themes. What a pleasure to be guided to find the solution in us with a soft voice and feelings that I did not know and for which I was very sceptical and yet quite open-minded. And now I see that it helps me and I can already see an improvement in what I am looking for.

"Agoraphobia: A prolific and enriching experience... « Thank you »"

By ...

I will start with this word because this experience has brought me a lot in the healing process. Agoraphobic, finding myself in an open-air prison, no travel more than 5 kilometres from my place of residence was possible, for 10 years! And yes, 10 years, it's just huge! Our work in hypnosis with Maria allowed me to overcome these irrational phobias very quickly, with a reprogramming of my unconscious mind and fairly fast results. I don't claim to be 100% cured but between a 5km perimeter and being able to fly 2000 KM last September, I think the facts speak for themselves. And yet, for someone as Cartesian as I would say:” not possible”, but it is... It's incredible but finding freedom has no price. I thank the providence of having found Maria on my way, and if she does not bring the same result to everyone, it is already much what she has been able to do for some of us. Do not see through these few lines a frivolous testimony but a sincere one which I hope will lead others than me to healing! Courage, patience, and Good luck to you Maria... Carpe Diem

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