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Brief Psychotherapy Cork, Online & South France (Drôme)

Brief Therapy, Cork

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I take into account the diversity of all by a large panel of brief psychotherapeutic skills that can help to live a better life, increase well-being and evolve towards your desires. I often explain that I am like a human nav sat who knows how to guide you towards your destination but does not intervene in your decision-making.

Results are obtained by a collaborative construction where the main ingredient is trust: the consultant by an honest wish to evolve, implicate and enrich oneself as time goes on, and I, through a humane attitude, deep listening and psychotherapeutic skills. I may open you to your own subconscious potential and the well-being of a body that feels good.


Some prefer not to go too deeply. Others are happy to do so. I adapt myself to your requests.

Here are some examples of objectives that people work on. For some of them you’ll find testimonials on this site.

  • Stop smoking*
  • Food behaviour & disorders*
  • Weight loss*
  • Mourning
  • Traumatisms
  • Fears, Phobia, Anxiety, Inner Stress*
  • Self Esteem and Confidence
  • Sleeping problems*
  • Concentration, Intellectual and Sport Performances*
  • Sexuality

In certain cases I may collaborate with your Doctor for the following:

  • Depression,*
  • Learn to live better with your medication,*
  • Anorexia,
  • Pain control*
  • Drug & alcohol addictions*
  • Learn to live with an illness*
  • End of life therapy

Sessions may be carried out at a distance or in my practice.

I reserve the right not to propose all methods as, for certain situations or psychological profiles they may not be adapted. I may also redirect you towards another Professional if more adequate.

You will find more information on the methods used below.

*A psycho-nutritional accompaniment may be more efficient (see micro-nutrition).


Hypnotic N.L.P.


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