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Who am I ?


Maria Mason

Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, Nutritionist

Maria has worked in numerous companies in France... finances, pharmaceuticals, the food industry, hotels, publicity, sport, research... Her passion for social well-being brought her to take up evening studies and finally full-time studies to go deeper and deeper into the understanding of the human mind and body. She now considers her past experiences as an opening to the understanding of people even more in their everyday life and an opportunity to work with work integration groups, companies and schools also.


Biochemical and Physiological Foundings of Functional and Nutritional Medicine, Vincent Castronovo, M.D., Ph.D. Paris 2018

A.M.P.R. ® (Reinforcement of Unconscious Body Regeneration Processes), Présence & Perspectives, Paris, 2016

T.A.T. ® (Tapas Acupressure Technique), Laetitia De Schooteete, Crest, 2015

H.T.S.M.A., (Hypnosis, Strategic & Alternative Movement Therapy), Institut Mimethys, Sanary, 2011-2012

Photolangage®, Codes, Avignon, 2014

Strategic Drawing, (Institut Mimethys, Sanary, 2011)

Hypnotic NLP Practitioner (A.R.C.H.E., Paris, 2010)

Ericksonian Hypnosis Practitioner (A.R.C.H.E, Avignon, 2009)

Psychotherapy, Sophrology, Coaching (Etape, Sauzet, 2007-2009)

D.E.S.S. Nutrition, Dietetics & Food Control (Paris XI, 1994 – 1995)

Diplomas & Certificates

The Ethics of My Practice is :

  • To keep confidential any information disclosed in sessions except if it could be harmful to you or to others.
  • To never advise you for your own life choices.
  • To accompany you to autonomy and not towards dependency in the accompaniment.
  • The methods used and exchanges will never replace medical care.
  • To never ask you to stop medical treatment or care or to give medical or psychological diagnostics.
  • To tell you if you are not advancing.
  • To respect every religious or spiritual beliefs and any skin-colour.
  • To follow codes of ethics and be supervised for the psychotherapeutic work going on.

Code of Ethics of Hypnotherapists

Member of Francophone Association of H.T.S.M.A and of the SNH (French National Hypnotherapist Syndicate), Maria abides by the code of ethics of the SNH also.


Maria Mason is neither a Doctor nor a Psychologist or a Psychiatrist. She is a trained Counsellor, Hypnotherapist and Nutritionist. She does not work as a healer.

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